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Black Cat
  • Black Cat
  • Published Around 9 years ago. Go to the latest photo
OK, I finally found a little time to write something about this image.
First off, the whole photoblog went off yesterday and I lost everything. This was due to a database error... no comment.
Secondly, my wife is expecting to go into labor any time now... tonight we had to drive 45 minutes to the hospital so that when we got there they confirmed it was nothing but a false alarm :).
Thirdly, I just bought some more lighting equipment and I have been testing it on my wife and my daughter, (Sonia). Those of you who have lighting equipment know how much time it takes to test all the light settings so that when you actually shoot on assignment, you know exactly what to go for.

Needless to say, I haven't had any time to go out and take pictures, so I've been digging deep in my archives to find something that would be worth posting, but most of the stuff I have is the same thing I've posted before, but shot in a different way/angle/light etc., which I don't particularly like posting. So, as soon as I can I will be able to post more things, and hopefully within the next few days or so I will have a photo of our new baby girl.

Until then please enjoy the previous posts (which have no details yet).


  • Hello,

    Too bad for the database :-(((
    Usually I do not like pictures of cat, but I find this one very nice : there is a lovely harmony in the colours (between the cat and the background, between its eyes and the grass...)Nice blurr (done with photoshop ?)
    Caroline - visit Website
  • Wonderful! (And good luck with the baby).
    Two Barking Dogs - visit Website
  • got my vote. Great catch!
    micha - visit Website