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  • Published Around 9 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This is a photo I took yesterday night at a friends house. The baby on the left is Eva (ours), and the one to the right is Allie, who is just a few days older than Eva.

I am not sure how many of you will care for the post processing, but that is a very subjective thing and I don't mind people telling me they don't like it (well... I do, but it's only polite to say I don't :). Here is the original: ../large&extra/friends.jpg. Tomorrow's shot will look very similar, yet with almost no post-processing (only black & white conversion).

Your comments, suggestions, donations, votes, complaints, etc. are all welcome.


  • I thought you had merged a picture of Sonia as a baby and Eva. Allie has a striking resemblance to Sonia as a baby! Do you agree?! Hope you are all well. XX
    Anne Bishop - visit Website