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  • Microsoft
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
For obvious reasons, I couldn't think of any better title for this photo. And for those of you who don't see the resemblance, to me this photo looks like the standard Windows XP desktop background.

As I was mentioning yesterday, this past weekend I drove up to Ohio with a friend to play at an old roommate's wedding. This photo was taken on the way there as we were driving 70 miles per hour, hence the blurred fence on the bottom.

You can see the original here. As with a lot of photos I have been posting lately, this is a composite of three shots, all at different exposures. This is completely different from the computer generated HDR (high dynamic range), such as many recent photos on Chromasia. In my case, I take all three, four, or however many photos (shot at different exposures, so that I get a correct exposure for the sky, one for the ground, and usually one that is in between), and align them by automating a panorama in Photoshop CS3. I then mask out portions of each photo that are too bright or too dark, therefore obtaining an overall exposure that is much closer to what I actually saw when I took the photo.


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