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Lighting Capitol
  • Lighting Capitol
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
Taking this photo was perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences since I started serious photography back in 2007. It was also one of the most frightening experiences because I was in the middle of open field, by a large pool, with a small metal umbrella protecting my camera (part of it) during a very powerful storm in DC.

Laura and I visited Washington DC for one afternoon and walked all over the place from the Capitol, to the White House, and ended up in Chinatown for supper, without having taken a single "outstanding" picture.

I had waited all day for this photo, and the moment the storm started, we started walking back towards the Capitol. By the time we got there, the storm had turned very ugly, with lots of thunders, lighting, and pouring rain. I knew this was going to be one of the very few chances to take this photo, so I risked getting hit by lighting, and spent almost twenty minutes pressing against a concrete block, hoping to get a sharp exposure at over 5 seconds without a tripod. Fortunately, my insanity paid of and I got this great shot, but not without a toll on my 18-70mm lens (the rubber started coming apart from the excessive humidity).


  • Wow, what a capture! Very dramatic. I've always wanted to capture lighting with a camera.
    Ryan Rahn - visit Website
  • Wow... very beautiful and amazing photo.
    come closer - visit Website
  • Just amazing. Lucky you didn't get shocked. Great blog.
    Brian Ramnath - visit Website
  • Wow, impressive shot ! And great management of light, well done !
    Marc - visit Website
  • Having spent countless days trying to capture what you have so beautifully here, and got nothing but wet, this shot really speaks to me. So much so that I'm going to pack up my rain gear and try again. Major storms in the forecast today . Cheers and thanks for the comment on my site.
    barrett - visit Website
  • Very, very impressive photo.
    Jim - 365,000 words - visit Website
  • this is amazing. so incredible! you totally rock for getting this.
    iced coffee - visit Website
  • Congrats on PhotoFriday! I missed this image when I was scanning the entries. Great post.
    mannedspace - visit Website
  • Congrats on Photo Friday. Fantastic and extraordinary shot.
    Nick - visit Website
  • Beautiful and extraordinary!
    Well worth the Photo Friday contest Award!
    Framed and Shot - visit Website
  • Beautiful, a very powerful image
    MillerB - visit Website
  • This is cool. Looks like a storm that will effect us all is coming.
    dogan - visit Website
  • Wow...simply amazing!!!
    Angela Giles Klocke - visit Website
  • Fantastic shot!
    I posted similar shots in July, August and one in November. Though they are a bit less spectacular.
    LightningPaul - visit Website
  • Supberb!! Not surprised this was your pick for 2008.
    ROB - visit Website
  • All of your work was worth it. This is a dramatic image.
    laanba - visit Website