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I have been thinking about working on this photo ever since I took it back in January of this year. For some reason I wasn't happy with the editing, so I put it off. However, I am pleased with the final version as it came out this time, so I'll go ahead and post it.

I am not an "urban" photographer, I don't particularly enjoy going around town looking for man-made things that carry a message (whether written on them, or implying it). There are other people out there who do it all day long and love every minute of it. And as I was saying just a few days ago, I am rather shy about posting urban photos. I feel much more at home when I have big landscapes in front of me :). Nature is much easier to work with; it has patience, it doesn't move, and it doesn't mind being photographed. When you take photos of landscapes, it is the photographer that you have the most challenges with, not the subject.

Take a look at the original here. In post-processing this photo I wanted to give it a little more texture, not only in the sky, but also on the sign. I also thought about cropping it in a landscape mode rather than portrait, but I really like the sky right at the top of the photo, so I decided to leave it this way. Any suggestions?

It is rare that I post the full size final version of a photo, but I will do it in this case. You can find it here. Take a look at it and let me know if the texture/grain is more convincing this way.


  • Congratulations on your PhotoFriday Noteworthy Award!
    This is a charming sign, it brings a smile to my face and you have captured it so nicely! Good color tones and atmosphere in this shot!
    Great work!
    Framed and Shot - visit Website
  • Very nice processing on the photo, the colours just POP!
    Jylan Wynne - visit Website