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  • Prayer
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This is one of the very few "macro" photos I posted on this website. The "dude" is a Praying Mantis - the male version, and he was hanging out in our garden.

Take a look at the original here. You'll notice very little post-processing, as the image was quite decent as shot.

Strangely enough, if you take another look at the original (press backspace when you're done looking so that you can keep on reading here), you will notice that the colors are quite saturated. I say this is strange because I turned the saturation down to normal, which on my Nikon D70s should make photos look much more pale. Imagine how this shot would have looked if I left the saturation up to maximum.


  • It was worth to wait for this one. Lovely macro.
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