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Greenway Wildlife
  • Greenway Wildlife
  • Published Around 6 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This photo was taken three weeks ago, when I still had time to go out and take "real" photos :). For those of you who don't know what bird this is, it's called a Blue Heron (for obvious reasons :] ), and it's as "wild" as the Murfreesboro Greenway gets.

You can see the original version here.

Although I had hoped to find time and go take more landscape/nature photos, it seems that I will be stuck to the computer/piano/photoshop until Thanksgiving. I have about 6 recitals to play (including a solo one) and several photo sessions (school portraits, engagement photos, family portraits, etc).

I do have another photo that I meant to post earlier this month, but my wife suggested it may be more appropriate for Halloween... so check back tomorrow and prepare to be... haunted! :)


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