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Autumn Paradise
  • Autumn Paradise
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This is the photo that I was writing about in my previous post. It was taken at the West entrance of Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN, and you can see the original file here. While the original is not as bright, had you seen it before the posted version, you probably would have thought different.

In some aspects this is a rather usual photo, but from a technical point of view I consider it to be a landmark for myself, because I broke the safe rule of avoiding direct sunlight in order to have nice, well balanced photos. And it really isn't just about avoiding sunlight, it is about rethinking light, contrast, balance, visual effects, etc. My goal still is to master light in all photos, except that now I am open to making a few compromises when the subject allows me to.

As usual, thanks for stopping by The Obvious, which has reached another landmark, and that is 100,000+ visitors this year. Thanks!


  • Really nice photo. The colours are nice and vivid... and great results for shooting straight into the sun. It's not easy to do... but can really provide some incredible results when it works.
    Jim - 365,000 words - visit Website
  • Incredible vivid lighting, beautiful capture.
    Will Williams - visit Website
  • Wow, amazing lighting here! you did a great job of capturing the scene. The lens flare is really awesome too.
    eugene - visit Website
  • Beautiful shots on your blog, very well done !
    petitlouis - visit Website
  • This is truly a beautiful Autumn photograph. Very pleasing to look at.
    Debbie Hartmann - visit Website
  • Yeah. Great Work. I like it. I saw it on VFXY-Themes and I really had to visit your blog ;)

    Vincenz - visit Website
  • Great shot and congrats on the Noteworthy!
    PhilB - visit Website
  • Great lighting here! wonderful photoblog!
    Marco - visit Website
  • Stunning. Great colors
    chiara - visit Website
  • Really cool shot, congrats !!
    Thomas - visit Website
  • I'm so glad you broke the rules on this one. Love it.
    hulagirlatheart - visit Website
  • Lovely photo - I love the colour of the light at that time of day. Nice processing.
    Arne - visit Website
  • The title : it is indeed !

    I really like how you framed this picture,
    wonderful shot !

    Quark - visit Website