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Untitled Room
  • Untitled Room
  • Published Around 8 years ago. Go to the latest photo
This is a photo that I took a few days ago in Jackson TN at my wife's grandparents' house. I don't know exactly what it was about this scene that was appealing to photograph, but it definitely caught my attention and I spent almost half an hour in this room on and off, as the sun was setting and I wanted the window light to be well balanced with the lamp light.

The posted version is very close to the original, therefore I won't post the other version. In terms of editing, I darkened the shadows, adjusted the overall contrast, and sharpened parts of the photo.

On a completely different matter, I have been talking about the new Made in Murfreesboro website for a few days, and while I am still working on that, I took a few hours (ok, a whole night) and redesigned The Obvious as well. I am equally excited about both projects, and will soon upload them and replace the old design. The problem I had with the current design on The Obvious was that it had a lot of unorganized coding that browsers did not like... nor did I when I tried updating things. In any case, I am hoping to have everything done by the beginning of the year. So if you have comments about the current design (graphics, colors, functionality), please be kind and write me a quick email or a comment to this post. Thanks!


  • IMHO the lamp seems a little too hot in comparison with the ambient/sunset. I really like the whole composition. It gives a great feel - grandparents house, log cabin, etc. Great photograph.
    andrei - visit Website
  • i really like the mood in this image as well as the well-balanced light from both sides, from the lamp and the ambient light from the window.

    great work!
    Kamal - visit Website