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The Obvious is now closed.
Thank you everyone for your encouragement, support, and comments.
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My name is Titus Bartos (pronounced 'Tee-toos'), and I am a nature & landscape photographer living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I am married to Laura, and together we have three children - Sonia, Eva, and David.

I started my first photography journal (photoblog) in 2005 under the name Landscapes from Eden, but soon found out that a local mowing company had already taken the name. A few months later I was taking photos of one of the most amazing sunrises I had seen in Murfreesboro, and noticed that there were hundreds of people driving in a rush to work, without even noticing the sunrise. That's when I decided my website was going to be called The Obvious. I don't travel to exotic places, or meet lots of famous people, therefore anything you see on this website can most of the times be seen right outside your window, if you only look. If you missed it, come back here, I may have a photo of it :).

Most of the landscape photos you see here are taken in Murfreesboro, TN, which is a wonderful city full of diversity and inspiration... a little gem between the flatness of West Tennessee and the mountains of East Tennessee. Murfreesboro is very dear to me, and I try to capture as much of its uniqueness as possible.

There are many photographers who are fascinated with how messed up and ugly our world can be, and that's all they show in their pictures. I thought I would try the opposite, and through my photos bring out the beautiful, the pure, noble, admirable, true, and lovely. I believe God created this world with far more beauty than we like to see around us.

Made in Murfreesboro

In 2008, Laura and I started a photography studio called Made in Murfreesboro, and in late 2009 we moved into our new location on Main Street, Murfreesboro TN. Our services cover pretty much anything that involves professional photographers and expensive cameras: wedding photography, events, receptions, family reunions, artists and business portraits, editorial work, etc. However, we are most popular in the area for our digital photography classes and workshops. Laura handles the correspondence and the bookkeeping, while I and several assistants take the photos.


This website is a journal of my progress as an artist and photographer, it is not meant to be a professional portfolio of my all-time favorite photographs. Therefore, my post processing approach and editing techniques very greatly from when I first started The Obvious in 2007.

Each photo that I post online is intended for publication or public display in a gallery, which means that I spend a considerable amount of time making sure that the smallest of details is exactly as I intended it to be. Call it OCD, but I consider it to be my splurge in being a perfectionist :).

Very much like a film photographer and his dark room, I spend a lot of time using Adobe Photoshop®. The one thing that has changed significantly since I first started processing photos in PS, is that I now see it solely as a tool to get my photos to look the way I saw nature with my eyes, rather than using it a safety net for mediocre photos.


If you wish to purchase a print from The Obvious or use on of the photos in your publication, please email us for a quote at, and we will send you an estimate with detailed pricing for each photo you wish to purchase. If you live in Murfreesboro, TN, you can visit our studio, where we have over twenty large prints on display from The Obvious.


One of our goals when we started Made in Murfreesboro, is to be involved in our local community by teaching photography lessons, classes, workshops, etc. I teach anywhere from one to three digital photography classes per month, as well as individual photography lessons for those who cannot take our class due to schedule conflicts, and starting May 2010, Adobe Photoshop® workshops. If you live around the Murfreesboro area, visit the Made in Murfreesboro Classes page for more info and class dates.

If you want to take one of our digital photography classes but do not have a digital SLR camera, email me for a list of recommended cameras, and I will send you some recommendations based on your budget and area of photography you are interested in.


This website is made possible with the generous support of the guys at Eleven2 hosting company. I have had several hosting companies in the past, but the Eleven2 guys have the most helpful and responsive support yet. Ask them for a Pixelpost discount, and they will give you something like $30 off their regular price per year, which breaks down to only $6 per month.

The actual website is built on a PixelPost photoblog platform, which is very similar to WordPress, except it is specifically designed for photographers. The current theme is an adaptation of the simple template, and whenever I will come up with a new theme I am working on making the previous version of The Obvious available for download from the Pixelpost website.